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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

empowering youth to open space 3 billion jobs everywhere at same time is the first of 10 ideas brac founding family and youth will discuss by end of july
(phew not much time)
timing is everything
baltimore-DC is last usa case we have in quest for how 20 million people's families can thrive
after the way amy has been treated by educators for the disadvantaged in us i doubt if she will want to come back after our uk trip has discussed
open space glasgow
open space london 
open space birmingham
whether uk stays in or out of europe youth with sme entrepreneurial educators need to empower 3 billions jobs dad forecasted in his 1984 book
1 billion making planet renewable
1 billion making communities  family renewable (ie health, jobs-edu etc)
1 billion bonus jobs if tech (mobile-cloud) wizards used 4000 increase in spend in learning communication technology in ways my father 
started brainstorming with anyone who would listen in 1972- fortunately brac was the only network with the same system idea and now hackathons leapfrog models eg next stage of computerless banking or examination-less schools - and fortunately uk aid is in a position to ask china to come and join in being the main developer of supercity dhaka-baltimore

in more detail batimore youthbopen space - come up with a sexy headline- host it out of al's space; do it as fast as you know you can get quorum from top 165 markets you want to help youth and families take back-
 - supercity baltimore if not after 8 years of obama when?

map back every market where you must invite someone to be at open space
-sister city - announce that the baltimore open space wants to submit youth solutions to the 100 dubai has promised to fund annually to expo 2020

who in conscious health -zara patrice calvin marie who
who in food security -
who in real estate
who in green recycling jobenomics
who in arts/music
fashion - naila's family
who in womens banking
girls education - frances
who in sports superstars give back john,  leonsis
who in sino-worldwide youth friendships
who as baltimore hackathons with rest of major ihubs (kenya mit, dhaka and where)  eg jayfus?

if we feel we are weak in sme markets lets bus some students in from mec or wherever moore's mike outreached or harlem if both manny and chuck have sme developers there

thanks for understandting how urgent timing of amy and of brac has become
best chris macrae  text 240 316 8157
in many cases the network of zara, king, manny, naila, and chuck/sam multiplied by al can fill the quorum- but all means bus in the 10 best ideas we herad from mec students or whom moore's mike reaches

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

amy and happy to fly up to glasgow for a day if any regional decision-maker will take seriously either

staging open space of next 3 billion jobs along lifelines map of fathers- 1 billion renewable planet  - 1 billion renewable families and community - 1 billion smartest apps and mobile leapfrogs befitting 4000 fold increase in spend on Learning Communications Technologies

wanting glasgow to be a best partner of brac and so china given sustainability youth';s one percent of the planet within 3000 miles of beijing and sir fazle being glasgow's alma mater - fazle is more adam than adam would be in 21st C

--- everyone who was at manny last meetup - zasheem was publisher of journal of social business copies i was handing out - i still believe the adma smith paper there is my all time favorite systems write up -issue can be downloaded by clicking this pic


 - i understand those who prefer to study beck or even dreyfus civics - could spend some time debating those who study adam smith - and maybe to change texans mindsets you need something different than valuing bottom up community trust relentlessly since 1748- you may understand scotland was ever bit as much a colony of london as bangladesh- between 1700-1850 half of our peoples were jobless and had to sail the seven seas; additionally our church (fee kirk) which preferred to sit in a circle weekly and sustain community well being was banished buy london so its staff became missionaries around teh world

its not that international scots are wise etc its just we have seen all the crap of top-down destroy so many youth futures that now is time to chnage

i am still struggling to get known by gordon browns chief of staff but please note amys youth very well connected with vatican youth -surely that should make anton musctallei bring oput his happy face Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca

mostofa is issuing dubai l- basically offering to fund up to 100 most interesting youth projects - it would be a shame if chamber of commerce hasnt got one glaswegian youth showcased in dubai in november

deal is top 100 get free flight ticket - and dubai intends to do this annually to major expo in 2020

why wouldnt glasgow development people want to become a sister city of dubai or of brac


Sunday, May 8, 2016

here are some reasons why

1 whatever is biggest risk to sustainability exponentials of your generation, or china - climate, nuclear war , a ten times nastier ebola,  endless collapse of investment systems in which youth of places have to bail out elders instead of being free to learn etc -  economics is systemically in the middle of spinning both more risk or more safety (grassroots and open source resilience) round your generation

2 six generations of my family have been involved in asking question ; what is economics since 1843 in 2 different ways:
The Economist 1843 was started by a scottish statistician and small enterprise owner- he wanted to sack the majority of members of parliament who by then were representing empire's vested interests as big farm owners and slavery not wishes of the ordinary  people; his strategy relocate from scotland to london to become an MP himself and edit a whistleblowing newsletter circulated around london's great decision makers and the good (high society) on ending hunger and stopping capital abuse of the next generation; early success was repealing corn laws that set a monopoly price so that even when england had too much corn to eat in a particular year the rest couldnt find its way to ireland causing mass famine- and what became over the next 140 years one of the first sources of modern terrorism processes 

for james his idea also worked too well. some say that queen victoria decided she preferred his future commonwealth vision to staying head of slavemaking empire- she sent him off to india to reform britain's biggest empire- at that time banking of india was done out of calcutta 90 miles from dhaka which you have visited- 9 months into his trip james died of eating something bad in 1860- it was only 120 years later that brac was designed to be the greatest human network ever with the first job : scaling the free cure of oral rehydration so that illiterate village mothers (absence of any assistance) could be their own family's health service; so way 1 is to have understood different editors purpose of The Economist in trying to mediate better futures for people in the entrepreneurial sense referred to in 1776's charter of independence by the words happy and free; the second editor james son-in-law walter bagehot is regarded by some as the most influential economist of all time as he designed londons capital market near enough in line with james vision- without which there ;probably would never have been Keynes whose last chapter of general theory is where i suggest any young person should start studying system design
(where did james gain his clues on economics- from the valuation of trust sources of adam smith - and the what has economics got to do with human livelihoods work of JB SAY the french economist which peter drucker says coined the word entrepreneur whilst grappling with the social challenge- having just cut off the heads of the .1% of french who owned 99% of assets, would france really design a civics system around egalite equalite fraternite --about 170 years later a another frenchman launched the european union around the same question and what happened to the EU is one of saddest stories youth have ever been left to redesign)
  onceinageneration  yambassador Interview with founder of Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist

directly if you had taken a time-machine back to 1843 - you would have seen my 5 times great grandfrather hosting an open space circle every sunday in the isle of arran -the weekly debate what to do about taxes from london valuing sheep as quarterly worth more than humans ; scotland had become a rural colony of london in early 1700s; by 1843 over half of scots had to emigrate to find a living because of way london ruled; so although technically my 5 times great grandfather was a clergyman with the scottish free kirk his main job was negotiating with the rulers of arran that they pay for families to emigrate; incidentally by 1843 an island was the last place my relative was permitted to work- he had been banned from the mainland- by this time most of those who had once worked in scottish churches (then very different from the empires church of england) had become missionaries in poorest part of the world -eg family working korea and nigeria 

Uncle Norman Macrae - Mission Unfinished

anyhow all of that may sound like too much personal detail (i will not apologise every child should find out what learning is in their family tree (as mentioned over half of scots were worldwide social networkers as early as 1843!) because if all children were alowed by education to do that nations and the human race would get on a lot better) but its why scottish economics as studied out of university glasgow is when you search for it the exact oppoiste of the macroeconomics run by washington dc congress and bihg banks of wall street- i hope we get up to glasgow university to interview some scholars there

however if there was a khan academy platform of youth economis the first 3 people to ask what is economcs to would be in my opinion
sir fazle abed
goeorge soros
jim kim
why not audio question each of thes epopel for a day - whta one minute stories of economics/futures should every teacher know about- be aslked to complete a driving test of

it would be interesting to know chuck or sams view of the first 3 people youth need to interview for an open world's elearning platform of economics

i thought all of above was related to the job chuck said he might be able to offer you if you search asia for first 3 people for his and sam's world serires tv program on youths jobs futures; if i have misunderstood chuck and sam then even if they cant help you sustain youth livelihood they would make great mentors of what is economics for you if they have the time and you have their back- particularly important for china-us relations if a man like trump takes over the economy;

Noam Chomsky - If Trump becomes President

personally i have even less hope for us youth if clinton takes over the economy again but I may be in minoirity of one on that -what's better to be ruled by a person and his own big money or by a person sponsored by other peoples vetested interest big money - only in usa would that be the finals choice for the decade where humanity has more at risk of sustainability ever than since eve met ADam -only china can open doors on a different way ahead 
-why amy needs to be...


Friday, May 6, 2016

Any chance of meeting someone from your foundation may 23 to 27 during our UK trip? We are trying to link one partner from each country or state most interested in massive youth job creation. For example in Maryland our partner is a cable tv station and www.jobenomics.com who aim to create a worldwide tv series on regions greatest job creators. My interest is as son of Norman Macrae whose work at The Economist first predicted in 1984 Entrepreneurial Revolution through which most of the next 3 billion jobs would either renew planet, renew family/ community by ending poverty and structural disadvantage, and app the open learning economy.

Possible agenda
Share information on who world record job creators are
Discuss under 30s models for hacking into sustainability and new jobs generation
Discuss whether the Jobenomics tv series interests you

Father had believed that sustainability goal critical is the half of under 30s living on the 1% of the planet within 3000 miles of Beijing. So in spite of being an international scot, much of work to date has connected china under 30s and seeks to establish in this case reciprocal relationships with scottish youth.  

yours aye chris macrae

Thursday, March 14, 2013

can you help us develop a 6 weeks'hours tour of BRAC as one of youth's favorite MOOCs http://bracnet.ning.com

BRAC Primary Schools
BRAC, Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee, was established in 1985. The main objective of these non-formal primary schools is to develop a school model for underprivileged, primary school drop-out children, especially girls, to complete the five year primary school syllabus in four years.

Location:Dhaka, Bangladesh
Owner:Sir Fazle Hasan Abed
Number of schools:22,618
Number of students:0.75 million

Children with chalkboards

Organisation and management

The number of BRAC primary schools has grown from 22 one-room schools to 22,618 schools across Bangladesh. They are free and follow a non-formal education. From Grade 1 to 3, the curriculum is developed by BRAC, but in Grades 4 and 5, students follow the national curriculum. This prepares them for public examination at the end of Grade 5, which they take alongside students from other schools. There are no long holidays.
In addition there are 11 pilot (or what BRAC term ‘exceptional’) primary schools spread across Bangladesh. These are formal institutions with building, and open-space playgrounds maintained by a school administration. A small monthly token fee is taken from the students. These schools deliver lessons following the BRAC method using both national and BRAC developed materials.

Standards, curriculum and monitoring

BRAC developed their curriculum based on the national curriculum and complemented it with additional values and skills. Students are taught about social values and their rights and responsibilities coupled with basic financial education to empower them. These include respecting others, truthfulness, social awareness of health and environment, and skills such as cooperative learning, leadership skills, and life skills, including how to deal with oneself, others and relationships, and work in an effective manner.

Learning environment

Schools are built based on recommendations from parents. They are made of corrugated metal and wood with windows for plenty of natural light. Schools are one-room with about 30 students. All schools are decorated brightly with local materials and styles. The school day is about five and a half hours. Timings are flexible and fixed according to needs. Children with special needs receive corrective surgeries along with devices such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, glasses and ramps.

Teaching and materials

The language of instruction is Bangla. The one-teacher school is operated by the same teacher for the same cohort of children for the entire period of four years, and delivers lessons in all subjects. Lesson length is up to the teacher, but is generally around 30 minutes. There is little or no homework, as most of the parents are not capable of assisting the children in their study.
BRAC develops textbooks and other materials up to Grade 3. Government textbooks are used in Grades 4 and 5.

Teacher recruitment and development

A typical BRAC teacher would be a female community member with 10 years of schooling. Teachers undergo an initial 12-day training course in order to repeat basic information on teaching and learning and to enhance their teaching abilities. They subsequently participate in monthly, subject-based refresher courses.

Find out more on the BRAC website.
- See more at: http://www.affordable-learning.com/research-fieldwork/case-studies-stories/brac.html#sthash.ZzCzdhrS.dpuf

Friday, July 24, 2009

this is a pic I use to start discussions of what goes on in networks and replicable projects around dr yunus- is there a way we could get enough info to start doing smethng similar for fazle abed

if he doesnt have 4 co-fouuders , who has made the biggest revolutions with him at brac

what is brac's social business catalogue in the 7 criticial microeconomics compasses
energy, wtaer, food
internet for the poor
pro system designers for poor
gov empowering poor